Tigon Technology

"Since 1959 Huddig has been creating the construction machinery which drives forward development. Now the time has come again to show the world our innovation, our technical expertise and our vision for the future of construction machinery.

Today we present a completely new concept. A new technology that will change the way that construction machinery is built in the future. We call this Tigon Technology."

You will call it ingenious. We call it Tigon Technology.

Tigon Technology is a revolution within construction machinery that makes it possible to achieve up to 30% greater output than the diesel engine alone is able to produce. 

Full hybrid technology, which combines diesel and electric power, generates and regenerates energy in a way that has never before been possible for construction machinery. The technology produces higher efficiency and improved performance, resulting in lower fuel consumption, greater output, higher torque, a quieter machine and a more environmentally friendly working method.

And these are just a few of many benefits.

Tigon interview film

Tigon in action

Tigon concept film

Tigon Diff

Tigon Boost

Tigon Mute

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