Spare Parts Seller


Emelie Hjelm - new spare parts seller at Huddig

Spare Parts Seller

Huddig Medarbetarporträtt Emelie

“I have always been curious about Huddig which is a large company in the small town of Hudiksvall. It feels incredibly valuable to now be a part of the work of developing the world's most advanced backhoe loader which in various ways contributes to infrastructure and societal benefits around the world.”

Growing up, she worked at the family company Hjelms AB, which sold add-ons in the timber truck industry, where she early on learned the importance of the work with spare parts and fast service.

“I am eternally grateful to have worked in my grandfather's and then my father's company while growing up where I learned a lot. Working with spare parts is like a domino effect - the faster the service we provide, the faster the customer's machine is up and running again to generate revenue.”

In her role as a spare parts seller at Huddig, Emelie will primarily be responsible for order handling, purchasing, and sales of spare parts to dealers and service providers, who in turn provide service to the end customer.

“The aftermarket team work to provide excellent service in every stage where we work together to solve problems and learn from them. We thereby act as the cog in the machinery, which means that customers' companies can continue to run. At the moment, several routine improvements are also underway in Huddig aftermarket to provide better service to customers.”

Next, she is looking forward to getting into her new role and watching HUDDIG TIGON's impact on the industry in the future.

“It feels very exciting that Huddig has developed such a complex and multifaceted hybrid as TIGON. I believe this is the future of the industry. I am proud to work at Huddig, which is constantly at the forefront, and puts Hudiksvall on the map,” Emelie concludes.  


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