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Scandinavian Track Group on the advantages of their HUDDIG machines in railway construction

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Scandinavian Track Group is active in railway construction with assignments ranging from service and maintenance to new construction. The company owns six HUDDIG machines of different models.

Niclas Brundin is in his fifth year as a HUDDIG driver in the company, something he enjoys many thanks to the machine's flexibility.

"Driving the HUDDIG is incredibly varied and fun. One day I am changing ties; the other day, railway switches. Then I work with the lift on the overhead line or something else.

Of the six machines, four are HUDDIG 1260D, and two are HUDDIG 1260C. Distributed among the machines, they have four lifts of model 2000B and one lift of model 1420B.

"The lift makes you the most versatile of all the machines on the rails. That's a significant advantage - you can take on almost any job, Niclas concludes."


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