Bengt bought his first HUDDIG 25 years ago and since then he has remained faithful to the brand

Bengt Thisner, owner of BT Schakt och Gräv AB in Uppsala, is a true backhoe loader fan. His interest in machinery, agriculture and entrepreneurship was born early on. As Bengt grew up on a farm, he got his hands dirty helping from a young age. The first time he test drove
a backhoe loader he was only ten years old. In 1990 Bengt bought his first backhoe loader, a Volvo BM 646 from 1983. Just over five years later, he bought his first HUDDIG, a used 760 from 1990. Since then he has managed to make use of several models launched by the company and he has always remained faithful to the brand.

Meet Oscar Jonsson – Assembler

At Huddig’s assembly department the work tasks can be very varied. Something that assembler Oscar Jonsson can confirm. He’s been with the company for a year and has already been involved in everything from pre-assembling coolers and gearboxes to putting together front frames and aggregates.
“As we do everything ourselves there’s a lot of different things to be done. I think that’s fun as I like to have varied tasks in my work. If you want to learn something new, there’s every opportunity to do so”, he says.

Meet Peder Wik - Designer at Huddig


Peder Wik started as a CNC operator at Huddig's Mechanical Department in August 2010. Today he is the designer in a completely different department.

"The potential for personal development at Huddig is fantastic. That's what makes me feel so good here. I think my journey is a great example of the potential that exists here. It is actually possible to take a step from one role to another. Then I think of the atmosphere here too and that I have such good colleagues, he says.

Meet Maths Juntti - a Welder at Huddig

Maths Juntti is one of Huddig's many good welders. He has been working for the company for seven years and is really pleased with both the job and the workplace.

"First and foremost, it's because I have such great colleagues. I also think it's fun working for a company that grows and constantly develops the products it offers. We make great machines. It's so fantastic to see them out and working on the streets. I feel proud of being a part of Huddig,” he says.