Successful Launch of HUDDIG TIGON at the Svenska Maskinmässan Exhibition in Stockholm

In conjunction with the Svenska Maskinmässan exhibition in Solvalla, Stockholm, Sweden the first prototype and premiere of Huddig's unique full hybrid, HUDDIG TIGON, was released. The machine attracted a lot of attention at the fair and there is great interest in general about the new machine. There was an opportunity for people to register their interest in purchasing one of the pre-series machines, becoming the first in the world to own a full hybrid. Interest was so great that there are currently more people registered than machines available. Huddig will therefore choose who the lucky two owners will be.

Huddig to release the first HUDDIG TIGON machines at the Svenska Maskinmässan exhibition

Three years ago, Huddig launched a concept machine, a unique full hybrid based on Tigon Technology. Since then an intensive development phase has taken place at the factory in Hudiksvall and now the first prototype will be shown, with a limited number of pre-series machines being manufactured. In connection with the Svenska Maskinmässan exhibition in Solvalla, Stockholm, the first HUDDIG TIGON machines will be released and a few customers will be given the opportunity to sign up for a HUDDIG TIGON machine and become the first in the world to own a full hybrid – will you be one of them?

HUDDIG 1260D CABLE - The only machine you need for cable plowing and line work

Line work and cable plowing involve tough challenges. Safety requirements are high and the machines ability to cope with really difficult terrain is put to the test.


With a HUDDIG 1260D CABLE you can carry out tasks that otherwise would need several machines and people. The unique off road capabilities mean that you can get through everywhere.

Meet Rikard Karlsson - the new generation of HUDDIG drivers

Owning a HUDDIG has long been a dream for Rikard Karlsson, who lives in Hälsingland, Sweden. The goal was to own a new HUDDIG 1260D before he turned 25 years old. Through hard and dedicated work, he managed in a short space of time to take his business to a level where he had the opportunity to make that dream come true. The day before his 25th birthday, he picked up his new machine from Huddig's retailer Staffare in Hudiksvall. This makes him one of Sweden's youngest HUDDIG 1260D owners, if not the youngest.