Huddig Launches Full Hybrid Technology

Today Tigon Technology is launched – a full hybrid technology which will revolutionize the construction machinery industry and change the way in which machines are built in the future. 

Full hybrid technology, which combines diesel and electric power, generates and regenerates energy in a way that has never before been possible for construction machinery. 

“Tigon Technology is the result of several years of development in close cooperation with world class component suppliers. What’s unique about Tigon Technology is not the separate components, but the way in which we combine them and control them via our management system,” explains Daniel Åkerström, Development Manager for Tigon Technology at Huddig AB.

Huddig is Exhibiting at MaskinExpo 2015

From 28th-30th of May, MaskinExpo 2015 is taking place at STOXA (Stockholm Outdoor Exhibition Area) outside of Stockholm. Huddig is one of this year’s 400 exhibitors at the event which is expected to receive around 25 000 visitors. In our 600m2 booth you can meet representatives from both Huddig and our dealers. We will present among other things, a new and unique innovation, which we can’t reveal more about until the end of April.

Get ready for April 29th...

On April 29th it’s time for something big. Something that will amaze you. Something you’ll talk about for a long time and surely don’t want to miss. Curious?

HUDDIG sold in Germany

We are pleased to inform that our dealer econtech has sold the first HUDDIG in Germany! The customer, Gustav Kessler who lives near Heidelberg