Huddig Launches Adaptive Central Lubrication Which Actively Lubricates According to Need

Huddig AB has developed an adaptive central lubrication system together with one of the leading manufacturers of central lubrication, BEKA Lubrications. The system is factory-assembled and is controlled by the machine's control system, which means that the amount of grease is adaptively adjusted depending on the function most used - excavation, loading or transport. Huddig High Performance Grease and optimal lubrication offers customers environmental and economic benefits.

We Are Now Launching the HUDDIG 1260D

We are now launching our new machine series, HUDDIG 1260D. Some of the main features are a new Stage IV emission compliant engine, a new control system, a new aftertreatment system, a bigger display with touch functions and a significantly improved view from inside the operator´s cab. The new D series meets Huddig’s customer requirements and secures its position in the market.

Daniel Myrgren – New Marketing and Sales Manager at Huddig AB

Daniel Myrgren has today been appointed as the new Marketing and Sales Manager at Huddig AB. He comes from the post of Sales and Marketing Director at SMP Parts AB. With over 15 years of experience in technical sales, leadership and global sales, Daniel will become a key person in Huddig’s continued expansion.