Customer Cases

HUDDIG’s real identity is revealed on the railroad

Huddig Christoffer Sjolund

Christoffer Sjölund runs Räls & Markservice in Örnsköldsvik. Starting his own company has long been a dream for him that recently came true. 

“I started my company in March this year. You will never be ready to run your own business; you just got to start and take it as it comes. I started by renting a farm tractor and an excavator and had a guy employed by the hour. In August, my old colleague became employed and now I own two HUDDIG machines and one farm tractor. It's a great feeling, going from being employed to having three machines running daily after only eight months. 

He started as a machine operator and then got stuck for the profession when he started to work on the railroad.  

- I started working in 2013 after I finished my education as a machine operator. I didn't like it at first. I felt like I wanted to find my niche and not be thrown between lots of different jobs. To say that you are a machine operator is like saying that you are a craftsman – within that field of work you can do a lot of different things. In 2016 I did my first real job on the railroad where we did overhead line construction in Abisko. Then I finally felt I had found home. I got completely hooked on working on the railroad and everything that belonges to it. 

Recently received his second HUDDIG 

- Today I own two HUDDIG 1260C RAIL and one farm tractor. I actually got my second HUDDIG on December 13th this year. The difference with a HUDDIG compared to other machines is that you can do all kinds of jobs with it, especially on the railroad. Another advantage is that you can drive on regular roads and quickly transport yourself between different assignments.   

Two machines in one 

- I have a LIFT 2000 on one of my HUDDIG machines. With the lift and the basket, I get two machines in one which saves a lot of time and money. We perform everything from ice-scraping in railroad tunnels, snow plowing to maintenance of contact lines and much more. The lift is invaluable to us.   

Versatility and precision all year round 

- You can use a HUDDIG in all seasons. It is superior in every way and is a very well-built machine. If you look at my machines that are six years old, they age extremely well and are very durable. Simply put they are fantastic machines. A HUDDIG’s real identity is revealed on the railroad - the agility, the strength and the precision. We have people around us all the time so it's important that you can trust your machines.   

Looking forward to the coming year 

- Now I feel that we are ready and up for all kinds of challenges that lies ahead of us in 2020. It will be great fun just to continue working and developing the company. I feel confident that we can tackle almost everything with our HUDDIG machines, Christoffer concludes. 


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