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Read why Huddig is the obvious choice for Brodins Entreprenad, as well as other comments from our HUDDIG CABLE customers.

Customer cases - Customer Cases Cable

Cable work all year round – regardless of season and ground conditions

Tero Huoponen runs the company Huoponen Tero, based in Nummi, Finland. With his HUDDIG 1260D, he performs cable work all year round, regardless of season and ground conditions. Tero Huoponen was 20 years old when he decided to buy his first backhoe loader and start his own business. Today he thrives in his HUDDIG.

Customer cases - Customer Cases Cable

Stefan Löfvenborg has had a burning machine interest since he was 7

”I crawled around in the bushes and looked at the machines. When I then got the offer from the drivers to sit with them in the cab and watch the work, all free time and every summer holiday were spent in the machines until I trained as a machine driver myself and started working. I am simply born a machine driver, Stefan laughs.”

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Third generation backhoe loader

Huddig is a real multi-machine that can be used for everything.

Customer cases - Customer Cases Cable

"There are two main reasons I choose HUDDDIG - the ability to move in terrain and the fantastic precision”.

Per Hermansson owns and runs the company Hermansson Gräv AB, which have its headquarters in Värmland, Årjäng. The company was founded in the 1960s and has since then had its main focus on service, maintenance and new construction for power companies.

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Bengt bought his first HUDDIG 25 years ago and since then he has remained faithful to the brand

Bengt Thisner, owner of BT Schakt och Gräv AB in Uppsala, is a true backhoe loader fan. His interest in machinery, agriculture and entrepreneurship was born early on. As Bengt grew up on a farm, he got his hands dirty helping from a young age. The first time he test drove a backhoe loader he was only ten years old. In 1990 Bengt bought his first backhoe loader, a Volvo BM 646 from 1983. Just over five years later, he bought his first HUDDIG, a used 760 from 1990.

Customer cases - Customer Cases Cable

Construction Company Alvinssons AB Chose a HUDDIG Machine for its Strength, Versatility and operator Comfort

Alvinssons AB in Mönsterås, Sweden is owned by the three Alvinsson brothers and their cousin. The construction company was founded in 1966 by their fathers, so all four of them have grown up in the machine contractor business where they all shared a common interest in machines from an early age. Today, the company owns five HUDDIG backhoe loaders, two conventional excavators and four trucks. Job requests are numerous, and the future looks bright.


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