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Read why Kungsängens Entreprenad has just bought its fifth HUDDIG, as well as other comments from our HUDDIG CITY operators.

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The First HUDDIG 1260E in Finland

Arto Alasaarela runs Kone- ja Kaivutyö Alasaarela and bought his first machine 30 years ago. In the end of April this year he was the first customer to receive a HUDDIG1260E in Finland.

Customer cases - Customer Cases City

Kungsängens Entreprenad buys its fifth HUDDIG

–Since we bought our first HUDDIG, we are hooked, says Jonas Kilsgård, CEO at Kungsängens Entreprenad.

Customer cases - Customer Cases City

Versatility makes HUDDIG City ideal for service jobs at construction sites

– The strength is that my HUDDIG does exactly what I want it to, we’re inseparable – no matter what my day looks like, Magnus Lindström says.

Customer cases - Customer Cases City

"HUDDIG is the perfect machine for me as an entrepreneur"

Victor Lundén was only five years old when he wrote a letter to his grandfather telling him he would also own a HUDDIG one day. At the time his grandfather owned a farm on the country side and drove HUDDIG on assignment for Katrineholm municipality. Victor spent a lot of time with him as a child and very early found his interest in machines in general and HUDDIG in particular. Today, 20 years later, Victor owns and runs his own contracting company - VL Maskin och Gräv AB in Vingåker, Sörmland.


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