In a class of its own

The basis of our success is our reliable and efficient machines. Here you can read more about our different models and discover why they are in a class of their own. Here you will also find information and specifications about our older machine models.


Huddig 1260E

The new HUDDIG 1260E is equipped with Cummins' latest creation – Stage V of their reliable 6.7 liter turbocharged diesel engine. A HUDDIG 1260E with this engine, along with our proven steering system,…


Huddig 1260D

HUDDIG 1260D has inherited technology from the future. It is partially built using technology taken directly from our innovative Tigon Technology concept. Among other things, the response time of the …



Huddig Tigon takes your business into the future. With our revolutionary hybrid system, you can choose to work fully electrically or with support from the powerful diesel engine. With all the benefits…


Older Models

Here you will find older used Huddig models that can be purchased from our dealers.

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