The Efficient Railway Machine

We Know What Your Workday Looks Like

Working on the railways often involves extreme working conditions and intense time pressure. This means great demands in terms of safety and efficiency.

Working on the railways can involve several different work phases. Regardless of whether the work is new construction or maintenance, you need a machine that is efficient and can easily get on and off the railway track. Working smart and efficiently requires equipment that can complete several different work phases and can be equipped with many different types of accessories.

When working on the railways, you want equipment that is reliable and built with quality.

The Efficient Railway Machine

With a HUDDIG, you can work quickly and efficiently on the many different stages involved in railway work. Its unique all-terrain capability allows a HUDDIG to get on and off the railway tracks at any location, which helps make work easier and more efficient.

The superior hydraulics support precise work and helps speed up work tasks, for example, when changing railway ties.

HUDDIG's reliability minimizes the risk of work downtime or breakdowns. This means that you can trust HUDDIG not to leave you hanging on the rails. HUDDIG is equipped with railway wheels that are approved according to EN 15746 and BVF 929.

A Feeling for Quality

A HUDDIG machine is built to work hard, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It is strong, responsive and flexible – designed to withstand work in tough climates under extreme conditions.

When we designed the HUDDIG, our goal was to meet our customers’ need for a multipurpose machine with a high level of comfort. We created a reliable backhoe loader that is always ready for the next challenge – regardless whether it demands strength, timing or precision.

A HUDDIG is efficient and reliable, which is the basis for good overall cost efficiency.

A Workplace with Optimal Comfort

We have upgraded the driver cab with new functions for more effective work, enhanced ergonomics and comfort while simultaneously increasing safety for the driver. The new improvements have been developed from our customer’s needs and wishes. This is the result of our effort to always provide world class backhoe loaders.

Ergonomically designed joystick that can control four functions simultaneously. Adjustable console with clear symbols and lights for optimal ergonomics and visibility. A fully automatic climate control system ensures a comfortable working temperature. Adjustable and easy grip steering wheel, with a sporty design. Optional extras include an air suspension seat, LED and heated mirrors. Experience the feeling of the new HUDDIG driver cab, by contacting your nearest dealer.

Swedish Quality Strength and Precision

Huddig provides the ultimate solution for efficient and productive working within the City, Cable and Rail segments. HUDDIG backhoe loaders have a unique combination of an articulating center pivot and specially designed tracks and wheels, which can maneuver in almost any terrain.

HUDDIG is a backhoe loader of really high quality down to the last detail, which makes it dependable and reliable – a machine that keeps on performing year after year. An efficient machine with high reliability is the foundation of good overall economy.

Huddig is quality certified according to ISO 9001 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001:2004. Our products are CE marked in accordance with Machinery Directive 2010.

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