Amanda Olskims - new financial administrator at Huddig

Amanda started the position as financial administrator at Huddig August 10th, 2020. Previously, she has worked at Stena Recycling as an administrator and is now looking forward to growing in her new role. The choice to take the step to Huddig was based on working with both of her passions combined - finance and service.

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“What appealed to me most about the position at Huddig was the opportunity to meet different people every day and also work with finance. I like variety and love being challenged at my job. Here I get to do both.”

When she visited Huddig for the first time, she got a positive feeling and experienced the culture as appealing.

“The first time I came here I felt welcomed into the team at once. The impression I got is that everyone is like a big family at Huddig and truly enjoys their job. The positive atmosphere here is contagious.”

Amanda is passionate about taking on new challenges. She also feels that these qualities match the company’s spirit. 

I believe that the basis for developing as a human being is to have a secure base to stand on while being challenged to learn new things. I feel like I also share these values ​​with Huddig. It is a brave company that is constantly trying new ways forward. 

Despite the challenges regarding the situation with Corona, Amanda sees the future as bright. 

Like many others, we follow the authorities' guidelines while focusing on doing the best we can given the circumstances. The fact that we move forward and believe in the future despite Corona gives me hope and job satisfaction. 

As a newcomer to the company, Amanda is looking forward to learning more about the machines and to be a part of the development in the company. She especially looks forward to HUDDIG TIGON, which will be launched when all practical tests have been completed.

“I look forward to learning more about the company and the HUDDIG machines. It also feels very exciting with TIGON, which will change how many people work in the industry”, Amanda concludes.


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