Lars Staffare on HUDDIG TIGON and expected benefits of hybrid technology

Lars Staffare, CEO and owner of Staffare AB, talks about his views on HUDDIG TIGON and the expected benefits that hybrid technology can bring.


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"We see good opportunities for productivity increases and potential fuel savings with TIGON, Huddig's full hybrid backhoe loader. We believe that hybrid- and electric machines will be an essential parameter in the near future concerning the outside world with increasing prices for most things, foremost diesel."

Various possibilities for reduced fuel consumption and optimized machine operation

"Putting an exact figure on fuel savings is difficult, but empirical tests have shown savings of over 30% on the first pre-production machines. We expect this to develop for the better. Of course, the savings depend very much on the application and how much energy the task you perform with the machine takes. You also charge the battery when you drive with the diesel engine. In addition, a plug-in is possible that you drive with the cord connected to the power net. Charging interval and method will, of course, also affect fuel consumption." 

Improved working environment tops the list for customers who have tested the machine. 

"The product benefits of TIGON are, above all, the great customer satisfaction it provides. In the test phase, it became clear that the machine operators and people around it benefited greatly in terms of a quieter environment, reduced noise, and ability to communicate more easily." 

100% four-wheel drive with individual wheel control and increased top speed further benefits 

"In addition to this, Huddig has also managed to increase the machine's performance, which means faster transport, now up to 50km/h, and we believe that 100% differential will make a big difference. The machine's off-road capabilities have improved, and you'll get around even more efficiently."

The impact of hybrid technology on everyday life and the wider world

"It feels excellent from our perspective to offer a real environmental machine to our customers. The everyday benefits are great, in addition to being environmentally friendly on a larger scale. Lars concludes that TIGON does good in both the big and the small perspectives”. 


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