Nytorp latest school to sign school agreement with Huddig

Huddig Nytorp Webb News 960X800

At the end of October, Nytorp will have a new HUDDIG 1260E CITY. Erik Segetorp, teacher at the Building and Construction Program, has driven HUDDIG all his life and is now looking forward to teaching with the latest model. 

"HUDDIG has an extremely soft and fine hydraulic system that gives a very direct response when driving. Before I became a teacher, I worked with HUDDIG machines in utility, on the railway and made asphalt adjustments, so now it feels very fun to be able to teach the students with the new model."

Erik believes that it is important for Nytorp to be at the forefront of new technology, and to have a machine park that gives students the opportunity to try out many different machines and tasks that reflect their future working life.  

"As a student at Nytorp, you get a broad education and experience, which makes you ready for employment."

HUDDIG is a machine that is prominent in the industry, especially in the utility industry, which is why it is important to get knowledge on how to use a HUDDIG in the best way. The machine's versatility is another reason to choose HUDDIG.  

"A HUDDIG is like two machines in one, equipped with a loader in the front and an excavator in the back. This makes the work much more efficient. It will be very exciting to hear what the students think when we get our new machine this autumn, Erik concludes. "


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