We welcome Lars Forss – responsible for training and technical information at Huddig

Lars Forss has recently taken on his new role, in which he will be an important resource for the aftermarket department in providing information to retailers, service providers, and customers.

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Lars began his career as a mechanic at Staffare in 1997. Over the years, he has been working with after-sales and gained experience as a service technician and training manager.

“During the years at Staffare, I worked a lot with Huddig's machines. Since then, I’ve had a good eye for Huddig and I am very excited to be a part of the company”, Lars says.

As responsible for training and technical information, Lars will create material for training and instruction manuals, aimed to facilitate maintenance and service performed by customers and technicians in the field.

“My work is all about creating training and instructions on the right level, regardless of the participant's previous knowledge and experience of the subject. It all is about adapting the language and making the content understandable, often in a room where developers, mechanics, and operators are present – all with different levels of product knowledge.”

Lars uses metaphors when describing his view of technical information and the importance of target group-adapted communication.

“It may sound a little strange, but I try to see myself as an iceberg when I train and write technical information. I need to simplify the information and make the instruction manuals for the technical products comprehensible to everyone. You could say that I strive to share the top of the iceberg while leaving the rest below the surface”, says Lars with a warm smile.

At Huddig's factory in Hudiksvall, world-leading hydraulics are developed and manufactured, and the company's innovations have made a remarkable impression on the global market.

“It feels amazing to be involved in the development of one of the world's most advanced construction machines. As born and raised in Hudiksvall, I’m more than proud of the company’s achievements”, Lars concludes. 


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