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Confined spaces. High safety requirements. Different types of jobs in a single working day – HUDDIG CITY is optimized for crowded urban environments.

Working in urban and park environments, residential areas, and heavily-trafficked roads requires a special machine and a skilled operator. HUDDIG CITY is a multifunctional excavator loader specially adapted to urban environments that can be equipped with a wide range of accessories for unbeatable flexibility and efficiency. The unique combination of articulated center pivot and transmission design makes it easy to work even in confined spaces, such as parks, on streets, in residential areas, or next to the highway.

  • The oscillating pivot keeps all four wheels on the ground even on uneven surfaces.
  • Advanced hydraulics make it possible to carry out jobs requiring both strength and precision.
  • With remote control you can control the functions of the machine from outside the cab.
  • A machine with many different application areas makes money all year round.



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