Huddig's sustainability work - our contribution to a better future

At Huddig, we have always strived to build our machines as innovative as possible regarding design and production technology. We are constantly looking for new and better options to create machines that meet our high-quality standards and vision of a minimal carbon footprint. Already back in 2012, we took a big step towards a fossil-free future when we started the development of HUDDIG TIGON. TIGON is the first backhoe loader that can be powered by electricity, and today our entire company works based on the UN Global Goals.


History - The birth of the modern backhoe loader

Kjell-Åke Bodell is one of the driving forces behind Huddig's great success. He started his career as a consultant at Huddig (then Hymas) in 1975, and ten years later, he became a Construction Manager. We sat down with Kjell-Åke to do a deep dive amo…

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We at Huddig are one of the pioneers driving the green transformation that the entire industry faces. HUDDIG TIGON is an innovation starting a new era in the construction industry. The machine is not only a hybrid but a technical masterpiece. I am incredibly proud of all the employees and partners who have made this possible and look forward to continuing the journey towards a greener and more sustainable world.

Lars Lindahl

CEO Huddig AB

Our work on the 2030 Agenda and the Global Goals

One of the Swedish UN Association's focus areas is Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are 17 ambitious and universal goals adopted by world leaders in 2015. The goals are to contribute to socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable development and be achieved by 2030 in all world countries.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Over the years, our sustainability work has evolved, expanded, and refined. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have focused on three specific areas where we and our industry can have the most impact.

Huddig's focus areas 

Huddig's sustainability work focuses specifically on three distinct areas - Good Education for All, Sustainable Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Combating Climate Change. These are areas where we can make the most significant impact and pave the way for more companies in the construction and contracting industry. Below you can read more about how our practical work in each area.


Quality education 


We work with some of Sweden's leading universities, technical colleges, and driver training courses to create the most rewarding education possible. We also support our international partners with machine training in conjunction with deliveries or if required later.


Through our close partnerships with driver training colleges and others, we ensure that students have access to the latest technology to give them the best possible preparation for future employment. We also support JA Sweden in its efforts to educate future generations. In addition to training and cooperation with external actors, we also develop internal skills through employee interviews, internal courses, and shared goals.

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Industry, innovation, and infrastructure


At Huddig, we strive to get the entire industry to optimize their work to create sustainable construction and maintenance of existing infrastructure. Our machines are playing a vital part in the global rollout of broadband and fiber networks, and with our innovative hybrid technology, this work can now be performed more sustainably.


Since day one, we have created flexible products with high quality and a long life span. With the proper maintenance and professional service, the lifetime of the machines is further extended. We now own several patents on innovations that have made us a market leader. Through close collaboration with other manufacturing companies, synergies have been created that, among other things, lead to a more innovative and sustainable manufacturing process.

Read more about the UN's ninth goal, "Industry, Innovations, and Infrastructure."


Climate action


Already back in 2012, we took a step towards reducing the carbon emissions of our machines when we began the development of our hybrid HUDDIG TIGON. This first-ever hybrid backhoe loader can run on electricity alone without compromising strength or agility. We are constantly working to improve resource consumption and minimize chemical use in our manufacturing. One step in this process is that all our machine models can run on HVO (renewable diesel with lower environmental impact).


In addition to improvements in our manufacturing processes and operations, we have created a system for reusing reconditioned spare parts. This means fewer newly produced parts and a longer life span for machines and spare parts.

Read more about the UN's thirteenth goal, "Climate action."

Discover TIGON Technology

Our revolutionary hybrid system – Tigon Technology – allows you to work fully electrically or in conjunction with the powerful diesel engine. A machine with Tigon Technology can operate entirely on electric power for up to two hours without compromising strength, torque or precision.

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