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Cable work all year round – regardless of season and ground conditions

Huddig Kundcase Tero 01

Tero Huoponen runs the company Huoponen Tero, based in Nummi, Finland. With his HUDDIG 1260D, he performs cable work all year round, regardless of season and ground conditions.

Tero Huoponen was 20 years old when he decided to buy his first excavator loader and start his own business. Today he thrives in his HUDDIG.

“Since my father has been working with excavator loaders for many years, I have grown up among the big machines. I have always had a great interest in excavator loaders, and I find Huddig's products very impressive. They are incredibly reliable, just the way it should be, Tero says.

Tero bought his first HUDDIG in 2015 and since then he has tried several models equipped with different tools and options.

“Before, I mainly worked in urban environments and had to move fast between different workplaces. I choose to buy a HUDDIG 1060C, which was a light machine, easy to maneuver and drive between job sites. Nowadays I drive the HUDDIG 1260D which is a more powerful, yet versatile machine. It has everything I need to work in a city environment and in confined spaces.

The excavator loader's versatility is appreciated by both Tero and his clients.

“With my HUDDIG 1260D, I can perform cable work all year round, regardless of season and ground conditions. The companies I work with appreciate that I can perform a wide range of tasks with only one machine. The best thing about Huddig's excavator loaders is their reliability. With such a reliable machine I can focus on my work without worrying about interruptions and machine problems.”

As a result of COVID-19, Tero and his colleagues notice a greater demand for their services.

“The circumstances have not affected my work in particular. My colleagues and I have actually more job opportunities due to the pandemic. Many people need a better internet connection while working remotely, which has triggered broadband rollout projects. Right now we are performing groundwork for fiber in several different places”, Tero concludes.



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