Standard & Options

Build your perfect HUDDIG

Here you will find standard equipment and factory-fitted options for our machines, all to allow you to order the perfect machine based on your conditions and work tasks. Choose from lifts and remote control to a heavy duty belly plate and color options – and everything in between. Huddig also works with highly skilled Dealers and Service agents to help you equip your machine with the latest items.



Huddig’s range of lifts have advanced hydraulics which allows work that requires both power and precision.



The feeling of a HUDDIG must be experienced. With adjustable, easily accessible controls and multifunctional, ergonomically designed control levers, you immediately realize that you are sitting in an …



Choosing the right tires for your HUDDIG makes your machine even more efficient and useful. The right tires mean optimal adherence, faster transport and longer service life.


Railway equipment

Our options for railway work are specifically designed to make your HUDDIG a proper multipurpose machine on the tracks.


Remote control

Equipping your HUDDIG with remote control, allows you to operate your machine from outside the cab.


Crane in loader

With a HUDDIG LCB it is possible to easily access difficult terrain to carry out work where conventional cranes are not able to go.



With our powerful loaders, you can carry, load and use various tools with your HUDDIG. The loaders have a lifting capacity of over 6 tons which means that the machine can handle most lifts on a worksi…


Excavator Unit

The excavator units on a HUDDIG are optimized for maximum function, reliability and flexibility. With outlets, locks and functions fitted directly at the factory, you are ready to perform advanced job…


Color Options

Here's your chance to really personalize your HUDDIG. We can supply your new HUDDIG in many different RAL paint colors. We have painted customer machines in colors ranging from Mercedes gray metallic …



All to provide your HUDDIG with the best conditions to perform at its best, every day. Here you will find a wide range of optional products to optimize the efficiency of your HUDDIG machine.


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