About Huddig


Huddig has supplied backhoe loaders that have streamlined work in several different segments for over 60 years. So what is behind our success and how do we work to continue to be at the forefront of development? Here you can read about Huddig's past, present and future.

How it all started

Our history

The year was 1959. Sweden's economy had really picked up after the war and the standard of living in the country was getting ever better. More homes would be built, new infrastructure would be created…

Who are we?

About the company

Our founder, Swedish contractor John Sonerud’s, vision of streamlining agricultural tractors by retrofitting backhoes, was as simple as it was...

Working with us


Huddig is an innovative and technology-leading company with customers all over the world. We aim high and have ambitious goals. We need motivated employees to achieve them. We therefore try to build a…

Six reasons to choose us

Why Huddig?

Over the past 60 years, Huddig's machines have operated on their own level. We build our models for customers looking for the ultimate work machine with the highest efficiency and functionality. But what exact features and benefits distinguish us...

Software, hydraulics and mechanics


At Huddig we develop and manufacture one of the world's most advanced construction machines. To do this, the best engineers, access to the latest technology, reliable and quality-conscious suppliers, and not least courage and muscle are required to drive change.

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