Excavator loaders

In a class of its own

The basis of our success is our reliable and efficient excavator loaders (also called backhoe loaders). Here you can read more about our different models and discover why they are in a class of their own. Here you will also find information and specifications about our older machine models.



The HUDDIG 1370 houses a powerful Cummins 6,7 liter turbocharged diesel engine which can run on HVO. Add all of HUDDIG machines superior functions, and you’ll have a machine ready for any job.



HUDDIG 1370T is our full hybrid loader excavator which takes your company into the future.


Compare our models

Check out the facts and figures of our different HUDDIG machines to find the ideal machine for your application. Learn more and compare the different models and power trains.


Tigon Technology

Our revolutionary hybrid system - Tigon Technology - allows you to work fully electrically or in conjunction with the powerful diesel engine that can recharge the battery in 40 minutes.



In 2021, the first pre-series machines with Tigon Technology, named HUDDIG 1260T, were rolled out to several selected customers in Sweden.



The HUDDIG 1260E became a giant leap forward in the industry when we used all our experience to refine our model range further.


Older Models

Here you will find older used HUDDIG models that can be purchased from our dealers.

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