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We offer machines, options, equipment and tools for the different segments CITY, CABLE and RAIL. Here you will find everything in one place.

In a class of its own  

Excavator loaders

The basis of our success is our reliable and efficient excavator loaders (also called backhoe loaders). Here you can read more about our different models and discover why they are in a class of their…

For maximum efficiency  


Our machines are optimized for three different segments – CITY, CABLE and RAIL. This means that the machines are equipped with options specifically adapted for work in each segment. This gives you max…

Build your perfect HUDDIG  

Standard & Options

Here you will find standard equipment and factory-fitted options for our machines, all to allow you to order the perfect machine based on your conditions and work tasks. Choose from lifts and remote c…

Make you HUDDIG even better  


Time to upgrade and optimize your HUDDIG? Here you will find the equipment we can supply with the machine or for retrofitting.

Tools that complement your HUDDIG  


Did you know that we also offer a range of tools adapted for Huddig machines? Here you will find more information about our tools.

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