Service, support and spare parts

Once you have bought your first HUDDIG, new or used, we look forward to building a long and good customer relationship with you.

The dealer you selected is at hand both before and after purchase. Together you will look at news, options, and equipment to find new solutions that suit you and your business. Our authorized service agents are available all over the world and your nearest service agents give you fast and approved service when your machine needs it. They also provide high-quality spare parts if something in your machine needs to be replaced.

Do you want to be a service agent or do you have any tips and suggestions that could make us even better? You are welcome to contact us directly at Huddig AB here.


Short response times

Through our own specially trained support and service technicians and our network of dealers and service agents, we can guarantee short response times if something happens to your HUDDIG.

If you have any questions about our service and support, please feel free to contact our service agents or one of our dealers. If you want to become a service agent, contact us at



A complete range of spare parts

Thanks to the high build quality, HUDDIG machines have unusually long service lives. If anything happens to your machine that requires replacement parts or repair, we offer a complete range of spare parts for all our machine models - even after the models have stopped being manufactured. This means you can be sure to have a reliable machine for years to come.

At Huddig we always sell parts through autorized service agents or dealers. Contact your nearest service agent or dealer for good support here.



All information - both printed and digital

Are you a service agent or dealer looking for manuals or technical data for our machine models? In addition to all our new machines being supplied with complete user instructions, manual and service book, we can provide both printed and digital information material for our older models.

Contact our support department to order materials or for general questions regarding machine operation.


Fast, easy and with really good terms.

After more than 60 years in the industry, we know what a HUDDIG can do for your business. We also know that more contractors want the opportunity to have a HUDDIG in their machine park. Therefore, we offer Huddig Finance – a complete solution that makes it smooth and easy to buy and finance your new HUDDIG without having to tie up capital unnecessarily.

Whether you want to buy or lease your machine, we can offer funding at really good terms.

Does that sound interesting? Contact your local dealer for more information.





Huddig conducts continuous training for its dealers and service agents so that they are always up to date with the latest products, features and news. These courses are conducted at Huddig’s Training Center in Hudiksvall (HTC).

In our school program, we continuously work to supply the industry with new operators. We know that operator shortages are one of your biggest growth barriers – , therefore, we ensure that all schools working in machine operator training can conclude contracts with us so that every school year they can offer their students training in the latest Huddig models.

This concept includes, above all, the training of the instructors for the machine operator training to ensure that they know the machine and can teach the next generation of HUDDIG-operators.

Are you interested in the school concept for machine operator training? Please contact us at



Spare parts


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