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"Excellent hydraulics, high versatility, and strength make us invest in HUDDIG."

Huddig News Sjostedts 07

Mats Sjöstedt runs the company Sjöstedts Åkeri in Härnösand, Sweden, with his brother. The company has been in the family since their grandfather's time, and the first HUDDIG machine purchased was a HUDDIG 960 in the 1985 model. Since then, the company has grown, and the HUDDIG models have changed. Two new HUDDIG 1370 with LIFT 2200 were recently delivered to the company by Staffare.

The versatility and strength make Mats choose HUDDIG, and he looks forward to testing all the updates in the new model.

"I have yet to test the new machines, but of course, I'm looking forward to putting the upgraded excavator arm to the test. Excellent hydraulics, high versatility, and strength make us invest in HUDDIG."

One of the new HUDDIG machines is dedicated to Härnösands Kraftvärmeverk (cogeneration plant) as a service and reserve machine.

"It is vital for the CHP plant to have access to an excavator loader with a basket as a reserve in case something goes wrong with the power grid. For example, when a storm hits, trees may blow down on power lines. It can be challenging to get hold of a machine that can quickly fix such problems," says Mats.

The second machine will be active in municipal operations and on the power grid side in Härnösand, like their existing HUDDIG 1260C.

"There is always a need for mixed service jobs in the municipality and line work. With our HUDDIG machines, we are ready for most things," Mats concludes.


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