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High demands on hydraulics and versatility makes Calle continue to choose HUDDIG

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Calle has run Lindbergets Bruksmaskiner AB since 2017 and currently has four employees. The company's primary focus is line-work, where they, among other things, perform the replacement of line poles and service jobs.

Performing pole replacement at a high pace places extremely high demands on the construction machine, which is why he recently chose to purchase a new HUDDIG 1260E after previously owning two CABLE machines - a HUDDIG 1160 and a HUDDIG 1260C.

"Versatility and accessibility are essential for us, which is why we are now investing in a new machine. HUDDIG is a premium machine, and you get what you pay for. We need the best to keep up the pace and level we need", Calle says.

Versatility is a must for working in tough terrain.

"Without a HUDDIG, we can't get where we need to go. For example, all the cables must be placed on the back slope, and we need to drive the machines anywhere, often deep into the forest. So it's important to know that we'll get there, which you can rely on when you're driving a HUDDIG", Calle continues.

High demands on hydraulics and mobility are further reasons for choosing to continue investing in HUDDIG.

"The hydraulics are fantastic, and, above all, the machine is user-friendly. We almost always have a tight schedule. Given a HUDDIG's relatively high transport speed, it's a perfect fit for us," Calle concludes.


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