Customer Cases

"HUDDIG CABLE is the ultimate utility machine."

Huddig Kundcase Benjamin Eriksson

Benjamin Eriksson started driving HUDDIG when he was 19. After several years as an employee, he took the step to become self-employed and bought his first HUDDIG 1260 in 2015, and later a HUDDIG 1260D. In 2021, he bought his latest machine, a HUDDIG 1260E. In addition, there are three other construction machines in the company.



"HUDDIG is the machine that works for everything. It has accessibility in terrain and is, at the same time, quick to transport and retrieve equipment. In addition, you always have the basket with you, which means you can solve most things with just one machine. A HUDDIG is ultimate for utility work, like three machines in one." Benjamin says.

The versatility of the HUDDIG machine enables high occupancy all year round, and the work is varied for the machine operator.

"Wintertime consists mainly of utility work such as construction and demolition. In the summer, cable excavation is the name of the game. It's fun to have varied tasks," Benjamin continues.

The HUDDIG machine is important in the machine park to facilitate the work and ensure fast transportation.

"Crawler excavators are great at scooping meters but cannot retrieve cable drums and materials, for example. The HUDDIG machine can solve the whole project by itself, making it great. Crawler excavators are great at digging but not much more. We need HUDDIG machines for transportation and efficiency to tie everything together. A HUDDIG is simply a key player in the team."

Many types of peripheral equipment further expand the tasks and flexibility of the HUDDIG machine.

"We have everything necessary to finish various projects, such as winch units, Grab John, cable plows, and a Waldung trolley. The most significant advantage of our nine-ton Waldung trailer is that it is steerable. You can jack up virtually anywhere and push it sideways - very valuable when pulling cable along small roads.

Multifactor coupling reduces the hydraulics' coupling time and provides a better working environment and shorter lead times.

"Staffare has connected the hydraulics on our trailer with a multifaster, i.e., a coupling device with several hoses in a single hose package. Since the trolley is hydraulically controlled, it makes our work much easier. Above all, connecting it is now super fast, so you don't hesitate to use it."

Smooth and easy-to-use equipment also enables increased efficiency and fixed pricing.

"We often provide fixed prices, made possible by having flexible and easy-to-use equipment. Minimizing wear and tear and time waste benefits everyone in the long run."

Benjamin sees an increased demand for construction services and a bright future for the industry.

"It's an excellent time to be in my industry. High occupancy is available all year round, and I see the need increasing rather than decreasing in the construction industry," Benjamin concludes.



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