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Malung-Sälens Elverk on HUDDIG 1370T

Huddig Kundcase Simon 05

In early December 2022, the world's first HUDDIG 1370T TIGON CABLE was delivered to Malung-Sälens Elverk in Sweden. Here, machine operator Simon Ernstsson talks about how he has experienced the machine over the past seven months.



" If we start with the model itself, there was a huge difference in power and length in the excavator unit in HUDDIG 1370 compared to earlier models. It feels significantly longer, even if the increase in length is only about a meter."

Restoration work and cable excavation are part of Simon's everyday work, and this is where the extra length of the excavator unit comes in handy.

"Thanks to the increased reach, I can drive alongside the shaft without moving as much and still get the job done."

He sees cab comfort and LED lighting as two more big advantages of the new model.

"The seat is entirely different; Huddig has considerably improved the cab comfort. All lighting is now LED, providing better visibility while consuming less power."

According to Simon, the advantages of the machine-type excavator loader are many, not least the versatility and off-road capabilities.

"Something I like about the HUDDIG compared to other machine types is that I never have to consider terrain – I can drive straight into almost any area. TIGON also has 100% differential and individual control of each wheel, which means you practically have a constant grip. Thanks to this, I also experience a reduced turning radius, which is good as I often find myself in harsh terrain where I need to make tight turns."

He sees the hybrid drive as a significant advantage of the full hybrid excavator loader, especially when working where charging posts are unavailable.

"I run the machine more on electricity than I do on diesel. We also run on HVO the small percentage of the time we use the combustion engine. I charge it at night, and the battery also charges when the diesel engine runs. This flexibility is essential for performing utility work where we cannot charge the machine in the field."

Lastly, Simon feels the quiet working environment is an extra plus when the machine runs on electricity.

"Opening the window and talking to colleagues from the cab is a great feeling. The silent operation of the machine makes our work environment much better, which is a great side-benefit in addition to all the other advantages of electric drive," Simon concludes.

Photo and video: Per Nyberg, Malung-Sälens Elnät


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