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Pelle Lundqvist at LMJ linjebyggnad switched from HUDDIG 1260E to HUDDIG 1370 CABLE

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We have talked to Pelle Lundqvist, machine driver at LMJ Linjebyggnad, who recently switched from a HUDDIG 1260E to a HUDDIG 1370 CABLE. Here he tells us what he thinks of the updates in the new model.

"Hydraulics, comfort, and power took a giant leap forward in 1370. The very best is a given - the excavator unit. It lifts much higher and is much more powerful than in previous models. This is an entirely different machine."

"I experience the cooling capacity to be twice as strong as in 1260; the HVAC unit is awesome. It's also much quieter in the cab. And I'd love to have the chair at home in the living room; it's very comfortable."

Pelle sees several practical advantages of the hydraulic outlets and gives his overall view of 1370.

"The machine is fully equipped, with four hydraulic outlets at the front. One handy feature is the ability to fold out and drive the winch unit backward to empty the spool.

Huddig is done - there's nothing more I could want in a HUDDIG. 1370 is top of the line - it doesn't get much better than this," Pelle concludes.

(In the picture, you can also spot Pelle's helper Diva.)


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