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SO Bergman Entreprenad put a personal touch on their new HUDDIG 1370 CABLE

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Kevin Nygren, machine operator at SO Bergman Entreprenad, tells us more about the new HUDDIG 1370 CABLE and how he was involved in the design.

Kevin designed and built the starry sky in the inner ceiling from as many as 150 diodes. He also drew the roof bar where the lamps follow the bar. Details are important to him, why the machine is also painted in the well-chosen color Audi Daytona Gray.

"I am grateful that my boss has trusted me with the design of the machine. The sky can hold all the colors and patterns in between – I'm super proud to have the first starry sky in a HUDDIG, Kevin says.

As for performance, the increased operating hydraulics, extended excavator unit, and cab comfort impress him.

"There is a huge difference in the power of 1370 from the previous model. The extra length makes it easier for all kinds of jobs, especially loading trucks, raising utility poles, and excavating. This is truly an upgrade."

Furthermore, the cab comfort is incredible. The display is better and holds more functions. The machine is much quieter, too; Huddig has done that exceptionally well. The new seat is wider, has side cushions, and is curved - it feels more like a racing seat. I sit comfortably in the middle of the seat when driving in the woods, where it rocks back and forth. Simply top-notch!" Kevin concludes.


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