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World-class hydraulics make HUDDIG CABLE unbeatable in utility work

Huddig Kundcase Emanuel 04

Emanuel Persson is in his ninth year as a HUDDIG driver. Growing up, there were two large farms in his family, run by his uncles, and he says he "always wanted to see and drive anything with a motor."

"I started as a machine driver simply because I was interested. I then got hooked on it, and when I started driving HUDDIG, I felt like I was home," Emanuel says.

Since April 2009, he has been employed at Två Grävare, where he uses a HUDDIG 1260E CABLE to carry out all types of line work. Some of the company's customers are Göteborg Energi, Kungälv Energi, Vattenfall and Härryda Energi.

"Två Grävare is a family business with human values. I enjoy my work here and can say without exaggeration that we have the world's best managers. Of course, that I get to drive HUDDIG is also a big plus."

The choice of HUDDIG is made for high comfort, smooth hydraulics, and the machine's versatility.

"HUDDIG is an excellent machine. It is flexible and versatile, and you can quickly move between work sites. For example, you can act as a service machine while performing utility work."

The HUDDIG 1260E was an upgrade from the HUDDIG 1260B that Emanuel was previously running. Among the new features that impress him the most is the updated hydraulics.

"The machine was sort of a Christmas present in 2021, as it arrived in the holiday. It was shipped to my home, and it felt a bit festive to have it sitting in the yard. If I have to mention something that stands out, it is, of course, hydraulics. They are world-class," Emanuel concludes.



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