It builds railways

The obvious choice for companies with railway assignments – HUDDIG RAIL streamlines the maintenance and construction of railway networks worldwide.

HUDDIG RAIL alone can replace several traditional machines to maintain and construct railway networks. With equipment such as powered rail wheels, lift, and cable drum holder, the machine can perform several different tasks during the same job. As functioning railways become increasingly crucial in our society, the demands for more efficient machines and working methods also increase. Railway work is often carried out under time constraints, which means high demands and regulations regarding safety and several other areas. HUDDIG RAIL is therefore optimized for safe and efficient railway work.


  • You can perform even more work tasks with LIFT 1420B or 2000B mounted.
  • Powered rail wheels with decoupling give you increased efficiency in jobs that require higher friction, and that allow you to work both with rail wheel drive and rubber wheel drive. Read more about rail equipment
  • The best operating hydraulics on the market enables jobs that require strength, speed and precision.
  • Can be equipped with many different rail maintenance tools, such as sleepers replacement blades, cable drum holders, undercutters for the U.S. market etc.


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