An exciting company with international potential

– Huddig has something special, I felt it at the first visit. Pride and dedication are deeply rooted in the company and that is evident from those who work here, says Magnus Sahlberg, CFO at Huddig.

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– At the moment I have the opportunity to look at the company from outside and ask a lot of questions. It’s educational and perhaps I can also contribute with new perspectives.

He describes his role as multifaceted and exciting, with a good balance between operational and strategic work. In addition to responsibility for budget work, forecasting and follow-up of the company’s finances, the job is also about being an advisor when choices need to be made regarding, for example international business, risk management, financing of various projects and investments. The right experience and an understanding of how the product and market work make it easier.

– I'm not really the office-bound type, but I like it when things happen. Business development issues are particularly important to me. As adviser to, for example the CEO, it’s important for me to understand how the business works and how decisions can affect the company. 

With a background in companies within several different industries, all with international operations, Magnus looks forward to contributing to Huddig’s development in new markets.

– Being interested in technology, I find it rewarding that Huddig is at the forefront of development. There’s a drive in the company that I think is a real strength, especially when we’ll go more towards international business.

Magnus has previously worked extensively with both Germany and the United States, two of Huddig’s focus markets.

– In all my previous roles there have been international elements. I look forward to contributing to the company’s entry into new markets and segments. Challenges are exciting.

The Finance department currently consists of two employees in addition to the managerial role. The department also has overall responsibility for HR, an area that Magnus hopes to develop further. One possibility is to be able to offer support to managers within the company with the identification of skills and training needs.

The sustainability perspective is a prevailing issue and Magnus emphasizes that Huddig, as all companies, has an important responsibility, for the environment but also for a good working environment and long-term approach.

– We need to invest wisely and build a secure business that will last in the future. I look forward to contributing to Huddig’s future as a company, Magnus concludes.


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