Hörby Yrkesgymnasium in Sweden signs a three-year agreement with Huddig

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Thea Rogersdotter is a teacher in the Construction program specialized in machine driving at Hörby Yrkesgymnasium and looks forward to getting the school's first HUDDIG.

– In the fall of 2020 we will get a HUDDIG 1260E CITY which will be our first excavator loader. This is very valuable as Huddig is big on the market in Sweden. The students need to be trained with machines that they will meet in the professional world, so it feels great that we now get our own HUDDIG.

She herself has worked on the railroad where the work is greatly facilitated by having a versatile machine.

– Personally, I got stuck for HUDDIG when I worked as a machine driver on the railroad. Having a HUDDIG is like having three machines in one. They are also technology leading in Sweden and clearly one of the best investments a company can make to work efficiently.

Thea thinks it is central for the school to develop in close collaboration with the industry I order to continuously deliver relevant expertise to the industry.

– Many of our students have chosen railroad as their main subject and are also having their internship at a railway company. As HUDDIG RAIL dominates the railway market, we as a training organizer need to ensure that the students we educate have the prerequisites needed to meet the demands of working life. We want to be at the forefront of educational materials in order to deliver well-educated students to the industry. That is why we choose HUDDIG, Thea concludes.


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