HUDDIG 1260D is the optimal service machine

Tobias Nilsson has been running his company TN Grävtjänst AB since 2018. With his multifunctional HUDDIG 1260D, he performs several different types of work tasks with just one machine. 

Huddig Kundcase Tn Gravtjanst

Tobias has worked in the construction industry for 11 years and from time to time he has had problems with a recurring muscle inflammation in his shoulder. For a period, he worked on the railway and drove a HUDDIG machine, which resulted in the symptoms disappearing. When he then started his own company and drove another machine type in 2018, the problems returned and drastically got worse. After a long period of pain in muscles and joints, it hurt for him to hold the large levers and maneuver the machine. 

“Since the levers are relatively long and large in other machine types, there was too much movement for my shoulder every day. For a period, I basically lived on painkillers and felt that my situation was not sustainable”, Tobias says. 

The solution then became a HUDDIG 1260B which Tobias bought from the dealer Staffare in Hudiksvall. Today he can perform his work without worrying about shoulder pain thanks to the machine's smooth hydraulics and soft steering system based on short movements. 

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