"HUDDIG is the perfect machine for me as an entrepreneur"

Victor Lundén was only five years old when he wrote a letter to his grandfather telling him he would also own a HUDDIG one day. At the time his grandfather owned a farm on the country side and drove HUDDIG on assignment for Katrineholm municipality. Victor spent a lot of time with him as a child and very early found his interest in machines in general and HUDDIG in particular. Today, 20 years later, Victor owns and runs his own contracting company - VL Maskin och Gräv AB in Vingåker, Sörmland.

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Victor dreamed of starting his own company for several years before he, just over a year ago, resigned after eight years as an employee. He used to work as a machine driver on behalf of Vattenfall where had the fortune to drive HUDDIG every day at work.

- The longing to work for myself and to be my own manager grew more and more. When I got the chance to sign a 1-year contract with the company MA Bygg- och Grävteknik together with Vattenfall to dig cable I took it, Victor says. I contacted Fredrik Sporrenklint at VöXss in Flen who advised me to start my entrepreneurial career with a used HUDDIG. The choice fell on a HUDDIG 1160D with a Grab John bucket.

Victor has no employees in the company and does all assignments himself. He is currently working on behalf of Oppunda Kraftkonsult who in turns works for Vattenfall, they build overhead lines and cable networks throughout Mälardalen. In addition he does some forest trenching and forest roads for Östskog. Victor's dad helps him with the bookkeeping in the company, even though Victor tries to do the most himself.

In January this year he upgraded from his old HUDDIG to a newer model, a HUDDIG 1260B equipped with a Lift 1800.

- I was thinking about renovating my old machine for a while. But it lacked some important features, such as central lubrication, so I switched to a newer model instead. In connection with that, I also bought a new tiltrotator, new tires, a lens game, a cable plow and some buckets, Victor says.

The main advantages of HUDDIG according to Victor are the ability to move in terrain, to quickly get between different jobs and not the least the ability to perform several different work tasks with one machine.

- For example, when I mount posts, I can do the job all myself thanks to the lift mounted on my HUDDIG, says Victor. The alternative would be to transport a tracked excavator on a trailer to do the job. Either the track excavator or the other vehicle would also have needed a lift equipped. In other words, my HUDDIG replaces 2-3 different vehicles and just as many workers. It’s both cheaper and better for the environment, says Victor.

Victor has plenty of jobs all year round. The spring and summer is peak season for cable excavation and forest work and during autumn and winter he works mainly with clearing out posts.

In the future Victor sees the opportunity to take on more traditional contracting job, but the competition there is tougher.

- The assignments in the construction industry often gets distributed to contractors who drive wheel or tire excavators, Victor says. To a large extent, this is probably due to the old habits of the customers, but also because they have not realized the possibilities of an excavator loader as a machine. The challenge for me as an excavator loader driver is to talk about the advantages of my machine, the client needs to realize they get a lot more machine per hour if they hire me instead, says Victor.

Victor has purchased both of his HUDDIG machines from Fredrik Sporrenklint at VöXss in Flen. They also service the machine through the company Mekomek and sell spare parts to Victor if needed.

- Fredrik is great, we have had a good cooperation for many years now, Victor says. He sold me two good machines and gives me valuable tips and tricks, which I really appreciate. We often talk on the phone and sometimes we see each other in connection to a service.

Victor's goal is to buy a new HUDDIG and to eventually hire someone, but he is not in a hurry. The machine he has right now functions well and he enjoys working on his own. The demand for the services he offers is high and he only sees possibilities when looking at the future.

- Having a HUDDIG as a self-employed person is perfect. The machine is so versatile, I have jobs all year around with just one machine. It suits me and I can really recommend others who are thinking of starting a contracting business to do it with a HUDDIG!


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