Huddig's first TIGON machine performs above expectations

The first TIGON machine has been in the field for almost four months. We have talked to the owner Jonas Löfskog at Jonas Excav to hear what he thinks of the machine so far.

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Tell us, how come you decided to get a HUDDIG TIGON? 

"It all started with my interest in hybrid technology for construction machinery. I contacted Huddig regarding TIGON simply out of curiosity. I have now have been part of the development journey from concept machine to the final result - that is an incredible feeling. The result makes an impressive whole."


Are there any particular features that you like? 

"I appreciate the updated software that allows me to handle tools and accessories such as brooms, dustpans, grippers, forks, and more in an even easier way than before. The jobs I do require constant tool changes, which now are incredibly smooth. The improved hydraulics are also impressive."


What do you think about the performance?

"The powertrain is one of the best benefits of this machine. Anyone who owns a HUDDIG knows the limitations of the hydrostatic functions concerning speed. With the electric drive, that limitation is now gone and the machine lives up to its promised top speed of 50km/h. This may sound like a minor increase of a few km/h, but it is a completely different driving experience, which makes TIGON the perfect service machine for me."


Tell us about the electric drive, what do you think about it, linked to the machine´s performance?

"The electric drive is incredible. My colleagues who work around the machine are probably the ones who appreciate it the most. In EV mode, the machine runs on 100% electricity, so all you hear is the sound of the hydraulics - when you release the levers, it's completely silent. The experience alone of being able to talk to the guys around the machine without shouting is an incredible advantage. The working environment is safer with TIGON, but of course, it's also important to signal the machine's progress."


How does the electric drive feel concerning the machine's performance? 

"The performance of the electric drive is similar to that of the diesel engine. I would say the performance of the excavator power unit is a bit sharper because the electric drive contributes to even more responsive hydraulics."


What benefits has TIGON brought you in your current project for Skanska?

"Since we have been working in the middle of a residential area, TIGON has played an important role in keeping the project on schedule. There should be no disturbing noise before 7 am. Thanks to TIGON's EV mode we were able to start work as early as 06:30 without disturbing the residents around us. This has given us a huge advantage in this project."


What benefits do you see from using TIGON?

"In this particular machine version, the fuel savings are the biggest benefit. We are currently talking about almost 30% less diesel consumption in this project. Of course, the benefits that are made for climate and work environment are of huge importance. Since we are already running on HVO, I am convinced that the industry could become completely fossil-free in the foreseeable future if only more people realize the benefits of TIGON."


How do you see the future of the construction industry? 

"I feel that hybrid and electrically powered machines are the future for the construction industry and society as a whole. The construction industry needs to be part of driving the development of the fossil-free society forward - that's the overall goal. Whether there should be a small internal combustion engine or some other fuel cell in the machine in addition to the battery is debatable, but a technological shift is inevitable," Jonas concludes.


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