"It feels great to invest in machines that increase occupancy and efficiency."

Lars, "Lasse" Karlsson started Spårentreprenören LK Gräv in 1986 with a backhoe loader, specifically a VOLVO 646. The assignments came exclusively from electricity companies, and the company focused on utility work. In 2023, the company's first HUDDIG was acquired to complement the machine park, specifically a HUDDIG 1260C RAIL.

Huddig News Lk Grav Big

In 2023, he acquired another HUDDIG machine of the latest model, HUDDIG 1370 RAIL. In 2024, his third HUDDIG will be delivered, also a HUDDIG 1370 RAIL.

"HUDDIG machines became a perfect addition to the machine park. I quickly realized that getting a good economy with one HUDDIG was possible, so I immediately invested in two more, Lasse says.


Read the customer case here.


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