Kungsängens Entreprenad buys its fifth HUDDIG

– Since we bought our first HUDDIG, we are hooked, says Jonas Kilsgård, CEO at Kungsängens Entreprenad.

Huddig FB Twitter Linkedin 1200X628 Kent Entreprenad 2019

Jonas Kilsgård at Kungsängens Entreprenad picked up his first HUDDIG 1260D with a stage IV emission compliant engine in April 2017. Now in December 2019 it was time to bring the third machine of the same model to the company which today has a total of five HUDDIG 1260 in full work in the Stockholm area.

Excavator loaders have followed Jonas through life

"Ever since childhood, I have been driving excavator loaders. We started with a Volvo 6300 in the business, which was then changed to an EL70. After that we bought our first HUDDIG 1260 and got completely hooked."

Versatility and speed are the main advantages of HUDDIG.

"HUDDIG is a machine that you can use for everything and that can also be transported quickly and conveniently on the road. If I were to describe it with one word, I would say "multi". It then becomes clear that a machine we can buy and use for several different things must be better than several machines that cost in purchasing, value reduction and service. Huddig therefore becomes the best choice for us, in terms of performance as well as financial aspects."

HUDDIG well-liked by the staff

"Our machinists all think it is fun to work with these machines. I am often told that they are extremely comfortable and smooth to drive and that it is easy to do most jobs with them, Jonas concludes."


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