LPR buys the first RAIL-equipped HUDDIG 1260T

LPR, Last och Planering, operates in the Mälardalen region in Sweden and carries out all types of rail- and service work. The company currently has 14 HUDDIG machines in models ranging from C to E. The new HUDDIG TIGON machine is a long-awaited addition to the machine park.

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"The Swedish Transport Administration requirements make us decide to develop the company further. We are the first company in Sweden with a RAIL-equipped TIGON, so we are really at the forefront. In terms of the working environment, this is a huge advantage. As we work in urban areas in Stockholm where noise is an imminent problem, we believe that the machine will make a huge difference", Göran Ohlsson, founder and CEO says.

Many benefits are expected from the new machine.

"We also work indoors in tunnels on railways and subways, where a quiet machine is highly advantageous. Running entirely on electricity and avoiding all emissions is another big win, including fuel savings and optimized service intervals. We're excited to put the machine to the test!" Mikael Ohlsson, Work Manager, concludes.



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