New Huddig sales executive at Staffare

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During his time as an entrepreneur, he grew an extensive network and knowledge of Huddig's customers. The trucking industry and the excavator loader industry have a lot in common when it comes to customers' needs and demands. 

 Top priority for them is reliable machine since their entire business is based on thisWhen buying a HUDDIG, you get the best, when it comes to the machine as well as service and support. 


Reliability and quality also characterize Huddig and Staffare as companies. 

– Both are large companies with casual and friendly vibe, always with the customer in focusI think this positive culture is a great advantage for both customers and employees. 


Mårten is a problem solver with a focus on creating long-term customer relationships. He looks forward to meeting customers and getting started in his new role. 

As an all-in-person, I am passionate about what I do. To develop trust and long-term customer relationships are very important to me. I am really looking forward to realizing Staffare's goals and of course learn more about the HUDDIG machines.


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