STAFFARE AB - a strong partner now and in the future

Staffare AB sells machines and equipment within the construction-, forestry- and agricultural industry. The company was founded in 1982 by the entrepreneur Anders Staffare, who already at the age of 16 started his own company. The idea of ​​selling HUDDIG was aroused when got the question to become one of the first HUDDIG dealers in 1983. He immediately fell for the high quality and versatility of the machine. Lars Staffare, son of Anders, has the same spirit as his father and is today CEO and owner of the company.

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“I am proud to run the company after my father; it has been a dream for me my whole life. It feels important to let his vision and spirit live on in the culture we have at Staffare. Our motto “A strong partner” means that we are someone to is trust in and cooperate with, whether you are an employee, a supplier, or a customer.”

He means that the choice to offer HUDDIG is based on high quality and local connection

“We choose to sell HUDDIG because it is a premium product, it is simply the best in its class. The machine is also an incredible craft that is also locally produced - many are astonished at such a complex machine being manufactured here in Hudiksvall.”

Lars see a good overall economy and a high resale value as further benefits of HUDDIG

“Investing in a HUDDIG gives you an unbeatable overall economy. The machines live for a long time and the versatility enables full occupancy throughout the year. In addition, they have a high resale value, which means that an investment in a HUDDIG really pays off in the long run.”

As he looks ahead and ponders the development in the market, he sees continued growth

“Right now, infrastructure is being developed in different ways, both traditional infrastructure such as roads and railroads, but also digital infrastructure such as the development of fiber networks. The demand is constantly increasing for smooth, fast connections, especially given that more and more people are now spending an increased amount of time online. All these factors generate jobs for the construction industry and in turn are tasks that are ideal for a HUDDIG.”

Lars means that the situation with the Corona pandemic has been a challenge that at the same time generated new ideas and working methods at the company

“We follow the authorities and given the consequences that follow the Corona pandemic, we have minimized travel and physical meetings and instead use digital communication solutions. For us, the challenges surrounding Corona also mean innovative thinking and problem solving such as digital machine exhibitions. Many companies that have planned to implement a digital transformation and have not yet reached that goal are now forced to change their ways of working which I think is a good thing.”

As Lars looks ahead, he looks forward to continuing building the company and among other things expand the offer in Sweden

“In the future, we aim to expand in order to offer a uniform range in all our stores. This way we can also offer HUDDIG to more customers. I look forward to continuing to work with my passion, just as I do today, Lars concludes.”


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