Stefan Löfvenborg, Löfvenborgs Entreprenad

Stefan Löfvenborg has had a burning machine interest since he was 7. When an electricity company plowed cable where he grew up as a child, he started sitting in the cab and never left it.

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I crawled around in the bushes and looked at the machines. When I then got the offer from the drivers to sit with them in the cab and watch the work, all free time and every summer holiday were spent in the machines until I trained as a machine driver myself and started working. I am simply born a machine driver, Stefan laughs. 

A little later in his career he tried a HUDDIG and knew he had found home. 

The hydraulics and the cab comfort are amazing in a HUDDIG compared to all other machines I've worked with. I started with an excavator but once I went HUDDIG I can’t go back. 

A new job then took him to the railroad where he built overhead power lines on the first stage of Mälaren Line in Sweden. His burning interest in equipment and tools also thrived on the railroad. 

”I got tired of having a clay-covered machine and am very interested in equipment and tools so I quickly realized that the railroad fits me perfectly. Railroad work requires a super-versatile machine with accessories that allow you to quickly switch between tasksIn one day, I can do everything from replacing power lines and tieto digging which is easy with my HUDDIG because it is so versatile.”  

The dream of running his own business and having his own specially designed machine was born when he was 12 years old. At the same time, the 'accessories list' came into being. 

”I started to make a list on a piece of paper of what accessories and tools I would have on my future machine. I carried the list with me during all years and when I got a smartphone I digitalized it. The list truly has been refined and updated for a long time.”  

In 2018 Stefan started his own company Löfvenborgs Entreprenad. He ordered the HUDDIG of his dreams in February 2019 and received it March 2020. 

”It is an incredible feeling to have realized my childhood dream. The list I've carried with me during all these years now exists as my very own machine. Among other things, I have an extra large welded grip case as the size I wanted could not be detachable. I work a lot with power line and when you pull poles it is important to have a very durable grip. I also have a hydraulic generator of 5 kw compared to a converter of 1.8 kw. When my colleagues need to use an angle grinder when working from the basket in working with demolition for example, it works without problems when they angle grinderoperate at 2 kw. I like to optimize things so that they work smoothly smooth like in this case.” 

In terms of occupancy, the situation with COVID-19 looks bright for Stefan now and in the future. He is also proud to contribute in the building of Sweden's infrastructure given the current situation.

”The situation with Corona has affected my company in a positive rather than a negative way. The management teams for the projects I am involved in work from home but apart from that there’s no real changes to my situation. have more work than usual given that less people travel which means less trains and more possibilities to perform railroad maintenance. What I carry with me at work is that together with my colleagues strengthen Sweden’s infrastructure with my HUDDIG, which feels like a good thing to do given the prevailing circumstances.” 

Stefan looks forward to growing and developing his company in order to eventually have more machines and continuously acquire more tools where development is constantly advancing.

”All I want is to continue to do what I like most  to operate my machine, and at the same time keep myself updated on all the exciting tools that are coming, Stefan concludes.” 


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