The first HUDDIG 1260E to be sold to a customer

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Variety is the spice of life for Johan Eriksson, who has recently bought his fourth HUDDIG. This time it is a HUDDIG 1260E which is also the first 1260E machine to be sold to a customer. 

"I have been running my own company for 19 years and I have had HUDDIG-machines for ten years. I cannot imagine driving other machines. "

He keeps his machines a long time before changing and believes that the high second-hand value is a big advantage with buying HUDDIG.

"Compared to a machine of another brand that has been running as many hours, the value of a HUDDIG in the aftermarket is incomparable. The 1260D CABLE that I drive now will remain in the company, and my HUDDIG 1260B will be replaced with the new 1260E CITY that is coming."

Great hydraulics and close contact with service providers further contributes to Johan’s choice to continue with HUDDIG. 

"I got stuck for HUDDIG because the machines are so nice to drive. The hydraulics are outstanding compared to all other machines and a big plus is that the service is extremely good. I have a lot of contact with the service-providers in Hudiksvall and always get quick and professional help from them."

The ability to perform a wide range of tasks with a single machine is another reason why HUDDIG remains his first choice. 

 "You do so wildly many different things when you are running a contracting companyIf you have a crawler machine you dig or fill but with a HUDDIG you can use the lift, dig, perform utility work ... lots of different types of jobs. On my 1260D CABLE I have a LIFT 2200 which means I am free to take on most assignments. With the new machine we will mainly perform different types of service jobs. My fingers are itching a bit to get it home," Johan concludes.

Thank you Staffare AB for the video.


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