The strength and flexibility makes HUDDIG CITY the best choice for service jobs and excavation

1995 was the year when Bengt Thisner bought his first HUDDIG. 25 years later, he has now retrieved his latest machine, a HUDDIG 1260E. Of course, it is painted yellow, equipped with pearl white rims. This particular combination of colors has become a sign for Bengt over the years.

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“When I went to the factory in Hudiksvall to buy my very first machine, I saw a yellow HUDDIG. I have always been fond of yellow and immediately felt that I wanted a yellow machine since that time. The white rims have also become a fixed idea after I saw a guy in a wheel loader equipped with such rims. Therefore, I ordered it for my first brand new machine that I bought in 1999.”


Bengt has a HUDDIG 1260E CITY and performs many different types of service work. Since 1993, he has been a subcontractor to PEAB, where he benefits greatly from the flexibility of his machine.

”My machine is so flexible that it feels like an extension of myself, it behaves exactly as I want in different situations. At work, I frequently encounter various challenges that need to be solved, which requires a reliable machine. The precision of a HUDDIG is absolutely awesome, especially when it comes to excavation work. This makes me feel very safe with it.”


According to Bengt, strength and flexibility are the main advantages of a HUDDIG. Two characteristics that enable him to undertake a variety of assignments.

”I usually do a lot of different things every day, which requires that I can switch between different work tasks. The versatility of a HUDDIG simply allows me to ensure full occupancy on my machine. In a HUDDIG you get everything - flexibility, agility, and strength. The machine has incredible power combined with accurate precision - that's what makes a HUDDIG unique.”


The service also plays an important role for him in choosing a machine supplier, something he feels that Huddig has really succeeded with.

”I want to thank Huddig for being so responsive to their customers. They deliver a fantastic finish on the machines, it equals the quality of a new car, and the service is eminent all the way. You do not just buy an excavator loader, you buy a HUDDIG, in my opinion, the best machine on the market. I simply can not imagine driving any other machine,” Bengt concludes.


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