Triplets in HUDDIG 1260E CITY for YrkesAkademin

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From left in picture: Christian Öhlin, Site Manager, YrkesAkademin; Lars Helmersson, HUDDIG-salesman, Staffare; Daniel Myrgren, Marketing Manager, Huddig

In March 2021, three HUDDIG 1260E CITY machines were delivered to YrkesAkademin, Sweden's largest supplier of vocational- and labor market training.

YrkesAkademin is based in Falun and has sites in various places around Sweden. Given a great demand for excavator loader training, the choice to sign an agreement on three new HUDDIG 1260E CITY was clear. The three machines will now be moved between YrkesAkademin's various facilities across Sweden.

"We see a very large demand for skilled machine operators for excavator loaders. The industry is strong, and we believe it will continue to grow. We have tailored our educations to match the companies' needs and for us, it feels very valuable that our participants now have the opportunity to drive HUDDIG-machines, says Christian Öhlin, Site Manager at YrkesAkademin in Sundsvall.

Given the wide range of uses of a HUDDIG machine, it is required that you have good knowledge of maneuvering an excavator loader as a machine operator, Christian continues.

"Everyone who participates in our education will have the opportunity to drive excavator loaders, wheel loaders, and excavators. Of these three, the excavator loader is without a doubt the most advanced machine to learn to maneuver. You need many skills because it has so many different areas of use. It is a multi-purpose machine and cannot be compared with other machines with fewer areas of use.

YrkesAkademin has a strong focus on safety in their organization and all of their educations. Therefore, simulators are being used in training to prepare the participants before they are to operate large construction machines in traffic.

"The simulator work gives the teachers control and makes it possible for them to eliminate dangerous beginner mistakes before the students get into the machines. We work continuously to eliminate risks and increase our participant's awareness of safety. You need to be calm, careful, and have safety top of mind to become a really good machine operator.

YrkesAkademin has recently moved into new premises with a new practice area in Sundsvall. The focus during the spring and summer of 2021 is on rebuilding the training area with fixed stations to make it as realistic as possible. During the winter of 2021, there are also plans to have a nightly snow shift so that the education will reflect the coming working life even more.

"I look forward to continuing building and improving the exercise area in Sundsvall and developing our educations. Last but not least, I also look forward to teaching our students in the new machines, Christian concludes.

From left in picture: Lars Helmersson, HUDDIG-salesman, Staffare; Christian Öhlin, Site Manager, YrkesAkademin; Daniel Myrgren, Marketing Manager, Huddig


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