Vancer – the HUDDIG dealer making a difference in railroad maintenance

Vancer has improved railroad standards and provided services in the railroad segment in the US for 25 years. The company provides a wide variety of spare parts and services, performs engineering, and builds solutions for railroad maintenance. During the last decade, Vancer has grown from 6 to 75 people.

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Vancer has been partnering up with Huddig Since October 2018, much due to the quality of the product.

“We are a proud partner to Huddig because the machine is very reliable and custom-built. It has the highest quality, is extremely versatile, and is especially suitable for work on railways that demand a durable machine.” Says Jeff Smith, Vice President & General Manager for Vancer.

Another reason for Vancer's choice to work with Huddig is the multifunctionality in just one machine with one single operator.

“From a union standpoint, Huddig stands for safety. A HUDDIG ensures a safe work environment thanks to the fact that you can perform most tasks without leaving the machine. The fact that the operator can perform more work with safer equipment, whilst staying in the machine, ensures a safer working environment for all.”

Vancer works to strengthen large customers and help them meet the increasing demand for effective construction machinery. In the coming years, the company will continue its expansion.

“Our vision is to have Vancer all across North America and Canada with a large service structure. We look forward to inventing new products, partnering with end-users, and staying ahead of the industry thanks to our engineering team and competence within the field.”

Outside success in the railroad segment, expansion could include more segments of HUDDIG machines, especially within the Utility industry.

“We also look ahead to markets outside the railroad field, this is just the beginning. Due to the need for a broader digital infrastructure, we predict an increasing demand for utility work in the years to come. We would love to also be able to offer Huddigs UTILITY and CITY segments.”

The future of the construction industry is continuing to be shaped by the demands of the market as well as the responsibility of the environmental aspect.

The markets decide and they are sensitive to pollution. I believe the future is tied to electric or hybrid machines to some extent. California for example has strong restrictions on pollution. We cannot wait to get a couple of TIGON machines out here and to test them, Jeff concludes.




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