Versatility makes HUDDIG City ideal for service jobs at construction sites

– The strength is that my HUDDIG does exactly what I want it to, we’re inseparable – no matter what my day looks like, Magnus Lindström says. He’s a 43-year-old contractor from Ängelholm who mainly runs service jobs at road construction sites with his City machine, a HUDDIG 1260D. It runs at full capacity all day as it can be used for so many different tasks.

News Huddig Magnus Lindstrom

– A HUDDIG is perfect for my varied job, which involves a variety of work tasks in one day. More people should discover what a excavator loader can do compared to a wheel loader or an excavator.

At one moment Magnus unloads trucks, shortly thereafter perhaps he digs for a well, installs it and fills out around it and then switches to placing curbs or delivering pipes and gravel to colleagues working at the site.

– There are many tours around the site in one day. I try to always be a little bit ahead and all the time I sync with the site management, so that I can make sure that the right material is in place at the right time. Ideally, it should be there before the workers ask for it. I’m probably a bit of a competitive person always trying to get better at what I do.

Magnus has been running a HUDDIG since 2008 and this is his third machine. He bought a new 1260 which after 5 years became a 1260C, before he traded up to the D model. The machines run about 2,000 hours a year. Five years is a good machine change interval, he thinks.

– The step from 1260C to 1260D was big. A noticeable improvement was in the comfort of the cab, but also the hydraulics. They react really fast and are very responsive. The operation is separate from the loader and excavator hydraulics which makes it possible to get an incredibly high precision.

Learning to run a HUDDIG at Magnus’ level naturally takes some time, but once learnt he describes the machine as an extension of the thought. The immediate response from the HUDDIG machine means that Magnus can focus on safety and interact with colleagues on the ground or in other machines moving around at the construction site.

– Visibility is really important. The silencer has been moved from the hood to the wing which gives better forward visibility, but it’s always important to keep track of what’s going on all around you.

Magnus is really happy with his varied work in road construction in the area around Helsingborg, near his home. Over the years, Magnus and his clients have gotten to know each other, making work more enjoyable. Even when they have changed their employer, Magnus has followed them as a supplier.

– We know what to expect of each other and I get responsibility as well as great freedom. They know what you can achieve with a HUDDIG and know that it’s efficient. There are always jobs for a excavator loader at a construction site.





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