VöXss has the customer's business in focus

The retailer VöXss offers both brand new and used HUDDIG machines with all associated tools and accessories. An authorized workshop performs service and details to take advantage of a HUDDIG machine's high resale value. The motto is that the machines are 100% when they leave VöXss to the next customer.

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VöXss Maskin AB was founded in 2011 by Fredrik Sporrenklint and Tommy Andersson, who have a background in the forest industry.

VöXss Maskin performs both services and detailing of replacement machines. Mechanics and painters work together to complete the process of replacing machines, ensuring the machines' function and quality before the machine is delivered to the next owner. 

"Thanks to having both sales, service, and a workshop, we can offer excellent exchanges where the entire machine is detailed and overlooked from top to toe. We then adapt and optimize the machines according to the customer's wishes with tools and accessories. We both have a long background in the industry, which means that we know the customers' challenges and can thereby offer solutions that are based on a true understanding of the customer's business", Fredrik says.

The choice of Huddig as a partner was based on the HUDDIG machine's versatility in combination with the company's high level of innovation and service.

"There is an enormous competence in the company, with staff that focuses on innovation and improvements. In our world, Huddig is "The problem solver". The corporate culture allows them to attract competent staff, which is the key to success."

VöXss wants to help machine operators become profitable by completely adapting the machine to their needs and ensuring that it works flawlessly.

"HUDDIG is a premium product with a very high standard on the machine. It is versatile, cool, and above all, durable. Like Huddig, we want to succeed together with the customer. Huddig builds optimal machines for flexible problem solving – which is essential for a machine contractor who wants to gain a competitive advantage."

The machine's long service life and reliability guarantee an excellent overall economy over time.

"The fact that a HUDDIG is a good investment bears repeating. If you buy a HUDDIG, you have a premium product that will give you a competitive advantage for a long time to come."

The fact that the whole machine is designed and built under the same roof is something that Fredrik sees as another advantage.

"Watching a HUDDIG grow from a piece of iron to a finished product was an awesome experience. I do not think everyone is aware that Huddig goes all the way from beginning to end in the factory in Hudiksvall. Factory visits help us immensely in contact with our customers. We both get an insight into the production and can have a dialogue with several different roles in the company."

When Fredrik thinks about the future, he believes that the electrification of the construction industry is slowly approaching. At VöXss, there is a pride in being a partner of Huddig, which is now taking the very first step with the first excavator loader hybrid TIGON.

"At present, most of our customers are interested and curious about hybrid technology. At the same time, it is a massive change for the entire construction industry that will take time. The future for the excavator loader industry looks very bright. I look forward to continuing to benefit the business for our customers and see them grow", Fredrik concludes.


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