"With HUDDIG 1370, I become more efficient"

On September 26, 2023, Tobias Nilsson, who owns and runs TN Grävtjänst in Sweden, switched to Huddig's latest model. The step was then taken from HUDDIG 1260D CITY to HUDDIG 1370 CITY, and the improvements are significant, according to him. He is incredibly impressed with the updated excavator unit.

Huddig News Tobias Atnab Big

"The digging geometry is magical in HUDDIG 1370. It is an entirely different experience with the new excavator unit, which is longer and stronger. I benefit enormously from this as I mainly work with water and sewage jobs and a lot of backfilling. The increased reach is excellent for filling water pipes, among other things - I perform more work in less time because I can reach further.

Tobias mainly performs service work where the strength and flexibility of his machine allow him to perform many different types of work and keep a high workload and occupancy.


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